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Vroon Shipping Company

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Vroon Shipping Company Empty Vroon Shipping Company

Сообщение  GBP Чт Янв 16, 2014 9:22 am

Хотелось бы предупредить всех моряков!
Мне пришло письмо с предложением работы. Условия сказка и данного человека звали Mr. Wayne Johnson. Смутило одно e-mail ну кто в крюинговой фирме пользуется ? Я решил проверить и вот официальная позиция компании.

Компания Vroon существует! И у них есть официальный сайт куда и написал. Официальный ответ Vroon:

Thank you for your interest in the Vroon company.

Mr Wayne Johnson is not our Recruitment Officer and is not connected to Vroon. The message you have received is a fraud.

Vroon has become aware that a fraudulent organisation is using the name of Vroon Offshore Services Ltd., Aberdeen (including our logo and address) to contact seafarers.

All seafarers should note that Vroon companies never charge money to seafarers for recruitment services, visa or other immigration-clearance activities.

All seafarers interested in employment with a Vroon Company should ensure any contact is made directly with a bona-fide Vroon office.

All contact details and our on-line application form can be found on the Vroon website (ввв

Please submit the application form.

Не верьте этому мужчине. Он зарабатывает собирая деньги на оформлении документов, визах и т.п. Будьте бдительны и отправляйте сиви на прямую!

Всем удачи!


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Vroon Shipping Company Empty Re: Vroon Shipping Company

Сообщение  serg Пн Янв 19, 2015 4:30 pm

Получил такое же предложение, название компании поменяли и имя клерка, а вот адрес оставили:
Vroon Offshore Services Ltd

4th Floor Regent Centre
Regent Road
Aberdeen AB11 5NS
United Kingdom
Tel : +447937430443
Fax: +448435643427

Dear Applicant,

We appreciate your interest in working with us and we have open an application file with reference number VOS/1900/14.We have gone through your CV and and Application form. We found that you will be able to handle the Post of an Electrical Engineer with salary amount of 6,550 GB Pounds per month.

Vroon Offshore Services Ltd is headquartered in Netherlands. Management offices are located in London and Breskens. The company is privately owned.Our core business activity is technical ship management. The present managed fleet consists of; VLCC, product and chemical tankers, Offshore, refrigerated cargo container vessels and bulk carriers.

Today Vroon is a dynamic and ambitious international shipping company, active in a number of specialized and commodity-type shipping segments. Vroon operates and manages a diverse fleet of about 150 vessels. A large fleet-expansion and new building program will secure further growth in the years ahead.

Vroon is currently employing seafarers around the world to fill all their vacant position and every seafarer will undergo a 3 weeks orientation before boarding the vessel,all employees must report to our recruitment officer here in the UNITED KINGDOM when boarding the vessel and when signing off from the vessel.


Accommodation,feeding and flight ticket will be taken care of by the company all employees are responsible for there travel documents.

Contract Period: 1-2 years contract and it can be extended if only you wish to remain with our company On board and Vacation Schedule: 2 Months on board and 2 Months Vacation Interval for you to visit your love ones and family back home

If you are satisfied with the salary and benefits we are offering you
then please fill the job interview questionnaire so we will proceed in sending you a letter of employment which you will be required to fill and send back to us for immediate processing of your employment to join our team of Vroon Offshore Services Ltd.

We hope you are not attached to any company presently so that you will focus on your job application as we are highly in need of you to arrive here soon, if not kindly let us know now before you sign any contract agreement with us. If yes we suggest that you start writing your resignation now to whom ever you are working for, so that you can pay more attention to your newly job ,if only you are really serious about this job offer.

See below details of our vessels you will be placed to work in and the details are also ATTACHED:






Kindly study the attachment very well then make a choice on the vessel you wish to work on if you do not wish to work with any of the vessel then we will fix you in another vessel because we have 24 fleets and you can fit in any of them.

I have also attached a job interview questionnaire for you to fill and submit back to us this is to enable us know why you wish to work with us and also to help in processing your employment.

Best regards,

Sam Barends

Vroon Offshore Services, 4th Floor Regent Centre,Regent Road
Aberdeen AB11 5NS,United Kingdom
Tel: +447937430443

Денег еще не просили, жду))


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